transcript of my interview with claire-léa (initially in french)

[00:00:05] Hello Edouard-VII, Surcouf, the podcast goes to meet those who have embarked on the great bath of orientation. Today, continues the series, The Navigator to be able to meet the layers that back and recruiter. Free lance, she will talk to us both about her journey and her advice to be able to take a break and start to become aware and learn to tell herself. I’ll let you discover our conversation in more detail. Bandicoot. [00:00:33][28.4]

[00:00:39] Hello and thank you, thank you for your experiences and give us some tips on how to reflect on yourself and tell yourself, and before commenting. I had a quick question and I’m going to do everything. When you were younger, what did you want to do? [00:01:01][22.7]

[00:01:04] When I was younger, I wanted to work in the Chubb. I didn’t really know what this has. What does it get stuck at? But I’ve always been a pretty creative person. And a 3rd internship at Publicis. I thought it was really the job of a banker. That was my goal, but in the end, absolutely no job in advertising. [00:01:28][24.0]

[00:01:31] But it still remains today in my communication. If we can tell fiction that is not in advertising at all. [00:01:43][12.4]

[00:01:45] That’s a bit connected. On the one hand, you learn to sell yourself through communication. But hey, it’s still quite far from what I imagined, from the real world, from work are far from what you are also lawyer than by being completely. [00:02:05][20.2]

[00:02:07] And so, today, can you talk to us on a blow by blow and how to become a coach to help people? [00:02:14][7.5]

[00:02:16] Or a rich course, we will say atypical. I went to business school. Very quickly, I felt the need to work on my own ideas and set up my box. I was very attracted to the field of entrepreneurship. As a result, I joined the incubator of my Guaraní primary school. I went to Paris, where I worked a bit in the fashion sector because I wanted to set up my business in this sector, where I needed to learn a little on the ground everything related to this universe. And then that was in Paris. I’ve worked under different projects. And then I followed my spouse to Lyon, where I had to rethink my professional life since I could not continue my project on which I was working since my partner had stayed in Paris and therefore a little by chance. Done, I asked myself, I thought OK, what do I want to learn? What do I want to discover? What do I have in my portfolio of skills to make available to a company? And I had business skills, people skills. And I wanted to discover the IT industry because I thought it was the future and it was something I didn’t know at all. I really wanted to go out, take away the fashion label and so, by chance, I came across a soul of a recruitment consultant specialized in IT in a recruitment firm. They trusted me and recruited me. And that’s when I discovered the job of a recruiter. So, I’ve been super good. I went up in skills quite quickly and discovered that really, this job was my job according to my job. Always in quotes. Except that there, once again, a young generation Greek profile, so. Want to discover a lot of things. Want to discover the startup universe? Because, as a result, I was more in a big group. I discover a lot of things before really stabilizing and I left after a year of recruitment. I have had several startup experiences that have charmed me, more or less easy to get along with, that have taught me a lot. And then, I followed my car pool again because he took over the family business here. And again, I had to ask the same questions. You should know that in Avignon, the labour market is not the same as in Lyon or Paris. Every moment of job offers, especially in a recruitment firm. So, I created a lot of people for the first time, so two and a half years ago. Now I was a freelance recruiter. And then, I went back to the company because once again I wanted to go into a box and say no to myself. But when, to be successful, you have to be on a permanent contract. You have to evolve as a manager. You have to have a stable salary, etc. In fact, the company does not match and that number does not match. But I was trying to go until cronyism came, that my trial period was stopped for months and so fate told me there, it would be time to listen to what allowed me to do and so I accompanied myself. I got ticked off myself to really be ready to start in good conditions and I resumed recruitment. And now I have a dual activity, both an activity and a recruiter cap. I help companies recruit a girlfriend and a career coach cap, so I help people who either want to change jobs. But there’s not really where to go, because I’m really going with them. Find their way and draw the path to reach it, to reach them, either people who need to boost their employability or who know where they want to go, but don’t know how. Hlaing at work all that is applications and personal branding through Lindy. [00:06:13][237.4]

[00:06:15] Super interesting. Am I precisely in my questions that people ask themselves, either their orientations or rather end of career, and a young person really accompanies you themes with different issues if themes that are still rather different. [00:06:33][17.8]

[00:06:37] Afterwards, there is one aspect that is common to all, it is confidence and self-confidence, whether you are out of school or around 30. It always feels like we’re not up to par or that we don’t deserve our place. And oddly, it can also be found at the end of your career. Rather, on this personal branding aspect, I accompany people under to management positions who are right and who do not have all the keys to apply as it is necessary to do today. There is this skill aspect too that is drawn by lot because it had a certain place in society, a status. And today? Suddenly, he finds himself. He finds himself out of this whole pattern there. And so, how does it look like? To everyone. [00:07:25][48.2]

[00:07:26] What are the questions a bit like you say extroverted, of grazing in a cellar? [00:07:30][3.9]

[00:07:33] Not to be in that box anymore, actually. So, in general, the people who accompany him in their 30s want to leave because precisely, and BAF is not looking for meaning. Never give more meaning that they will be able to flourish in. There’s a better balance between personal life. On the other hand, for more Signore profiles, it is really the desire to find this box and return again to this box of the tidy society where we can say that we have a high position while we are in the direction of a status in the company. [00:08:12][38.9]

[00:08:14] Indeed, yes, in addition, I think it is generations that have grown up with this image of work as a central place. It’s super interesting. I didn’t think there was just a different approach already that can help if you. Yeah, and when you do precisely to help them to de-dramatize, make themselves beautiful in a box and help them gain confidence, get out of it because you tell me that it had already taken time and deconstructed and the ultimate representation, which I didn’t understand that you had done 2 years before jumping into it. How does this self-confidence process go with? [00:08:56][42.3]

[00:08:58] So, all my accompaniments are done over several sessions. On average, 5 sessions that last between an hour and an hour and a half. It is rather an hour and a half what we talk about and the two sessions are dedicated. Be that as it may, whatever the subject we work on, these are dedicated to introspection, acceptance of one’s career, acceptance of many more or less easy things that we have also experienced in your professional career. If there are things that we need to reconcile with sometimes before we can move forward and so that’s really it, we’re going to work on the front, reconcile and lay the foundation, regain a little confidence too. Confidence, being aware of your skills, of all the successes you have had. Because when in general, people who come to see me, it’s a little late, either because they have been looking for a job for several months and can’t move forward, confidence decreases over the months. We apply, we have no return and we tell ourselves that we do not see anything. Either people who are in trouble, in a situation of suffering or practically burnout in their company and who are waiting for the last moment to say there, I have to move. Are there any strong signals that I can’t stay in this situation anymore? And so, that’s why there are really those moments of introspection that are super important to be able to move forward. We get back, we bring out the whole positive side. And in fact, at each end of the session, I send me a recap of what was said during the session. And it’s funny because every time what comes out, it’s pretty nice to see yourself through your eyes. In fact, because these are things that I do not invent, they are things that correspond to their background, to their history. But reading it in a positive way, through someone else’s eyes, so it allows them to regain confidence as well. [00:10:57][118.8]

[00:10:59] Nor is it used to telling what you’ve done his life path, JO. That not really that personal image with Christ. Not always nice. And precisely, when I see what you can tell, that it is still a certain path on which you can reunite, precisely, the people who come to see the Without Concern of studies or who are still students, how do you count? I just help them find that confidence or celebrate certain keywords in their lives. [00:11:33][34.1]

[00:11:34] It’s exactly the same pattern. It’s the same mechanism because it’s not because you have some kind of study that you have fewer things to talk about or you haven’t succeeded in things. And this is the first mistake in four years, we are looking for a job as a young graduate, we tend to have a resume that says, but that opens or think that we have a CV that is poor because we say to ourselves I have no professional experience apart from the internship, so we have a lot to talk about, whether it’s the associations in which you could be in school, whether it is extracurricular activities, whether it is sports activities that demonstrate a state of mind that demonstrates success, that also mobilizes skills. There’s a lot going on. Today, we still have the possibility to work on projects next to our studies or next to our job. And these are all things that can be said and that are the most beautiful. In fact, it’s exactly the same mechanism. And young graduates have it on the contrary, no, not necessarily less to keep because the generation of the coming generation is a generation of warrior. Who can carry out a lot of projects? But it’s true, keep the number of people who don’t have. The number of people who speak on social media. The number of people who have blogs, sites, that is things. It’s still not trivial to work on these projects. [00:12:58][84.1]

[00:13:02] Finally, it reminds me of Twitter and Instagram where precisely, a matter of obesity that we are talking about today. There are bound to be people who speak on social networks or who also put themselves forward. I have a lot of discussions that I have had with my friends about the pressure of seeing people, either what they have decided, or to do ads where we will see well. And how do you de-dramatize the fact that you are present on the networks? How do you make sure you can gain confidence in your voice? [00:13:45][43.7]

[00:13:46] A message of support for a subject that is common to all? I, too, had him see him as an entrepreneur. The first thing I did to stop feeling guilty was to remove, make them feel guilty, tools, work, put on paper everything that all the achievements I did, despite the fact, has an ultra followed influence on networks. I still have success stories. I still manage to do things, I mobilize skills, I learn new things. And that is the work that young graduates can do who are not visible on digital networks. There are still a lot of things realize next door, even if you have the impression that it has no value, it has value or in any case, you have to give value to it. [00:14:38][51.9]

[00:14:39] Or do you think it’s mandatory to be present on the networks or to have a place where your voice can be expressed today? [00:14:54][14.6]

[00:14:55] Today, that’s what makes the difference. Unfortunately, we have to go through this. For me, the most important social network professionally and where there is a result that can be quite fast anyway, it is limited because it is not an average social network. Indeed, it is not a social network. We are going to ask to make stories where we are going to ask to tell your life, like on Instagram, where it can be really difficult to pass the course. Alexa the unworthy. It is really a social network dedicated to professional life and it is a network that can bring us a lot, a lot of things, that can already allow us to develop our own network, to go in search of information, to go to meet new people who can give us information about new jobs, who can open doors in connection with new people. And in fact, it’s because that way. Marie Lopez has gained visibility. For me, Linking is a must. [00:15:56][60.7]

[00:15:58] And how do you do for kids, how do you do it? Is it really time to adapt to this network too or am I in the people? Get started and you’re going to build yourself. [00:16:12][14.1]

[00:16:14] So it depends. Again, there are coaches who are super comfortable with that and in which case, it will go fast. Indeed, because I really have dialogues of a person who knows a little bit about how minimal works, who already have an optimized profile, but who do not know how to gain visibility. The idea is still to understand how it works. It’s a social network, it’s not a digital board resume. There are still many people who take this way today will already try to understand that an algorithm behind that makes it possible to highlight the people who are interacting, it allows to put in place an action plan that can be a little more effective. And after that? It’s just me, too. I give them homework in quotes, to start taking action and start small to gain visibility, to be present on the network. But it’s still more complicated than that. Some people are more complicated than they can imagine. And most importantly, there are people who will post once and who mandiargues the people behind it. I’m stopping. And in fact, that’s also Zeugma’s pattern. It takes time and you have to get started as soon as possible to plant seeds and germinated seeds as the months pass. But it’s not one. There are 4 recruiters who contacted me. [00:17:40][86.2]

[00:17:42] Yes, it is true that I image big world and social networks, that’s what I said earlier with all the information we receive every day to have this question, but only in a few moments. Cani What do you do about post like status? It’s really a system of retribution. I was wondering how it worked too. It’s weird, that addictive side of when the person gets posted or there has to be a result. [00:18:13][31.2]

[00:18:15] It is exactly the same pattern as a social network that has the same, but even on Instagram. Anyway, when you throw a corner, you’re not going to get likes right away. There is still a time to adapt. Yes, I’m gaining visibility or you’re targeting the right target. You have to go show up on others, say exactly the same pattern on Liddy. Is that it? Go and comment, interact, make sure you also interact in private, make sure you see the influential people from whom you are already going to find information. And then also show that we have things to say. And this is also what is super important to understand that posture is primordial, trendy or in any case, people who still tend to think that the unworthy is a I am addressing. And a digital resume is positioned as a job seeker. And you think that’s normal? I am. Give me what I’m looking for when in fact, the unworthy is a social network, again between professionals and people, to seek information, to feed. And so you have to have an offer posture and therefore create content on your sector of activity and participate in discussion groups about your profession. To show that we have things to contribute and that we can respond to problems. Actually, it’s marketing. Again, it is to understand, to deconstruct everything you are looking for. Well, right now, I’m going to sell a product or the product, it’s me. What are my strengths? What are the values on the release? And then, what is my target? What is the type of business in this company? Who am I going to target? What could recruit me? What are the topics that interest them? What are their issues? And then I write content that will talk to them. [00:20:06][111.8]

[00:20:08] It’s a stupid question. What I do. I try to see would bet to keep just natural in this process and still manage to keep a part of authenticity since the way we talk is still very structured and in itself. I think that when you see resumes that you’re looking for a job, it’s necessarily on this structural side. But how do you make sure you stay confident about this step and not necessarily look super idle or invasive, or just be yet another person who has done all this work? [00:20:47][38.9]

[00:20:49] So, once again, we are not in an appeal process. We’re in a process. So it’s still different on the side. Quite rightly, it is necessary to get out of the box of the job seeker and job search or an umpteenth who will lose its intensity because we all have the same thing when looking for a young and solidus similar positions. I’ve submitted an application, I have no feedback. Help me, I’m in a bit of a hassle. You have to give me what I’m looking for and it’s not the same approach. So, for me, precisely, the fact of deconstructing and positioning yourself as an offeror, it allows us to be authentic because the idea is not to create content to create content. It is sharing and therefore sharing with all its authenticity in relation to lived stories, in relation to things that we have learned, in relation to an article that we have read. And we want to share for this or that reason. And it makes it possible, in the very way of writing, to bring out one’s personality. It’s much more interesting than being in a mud and plaintiff approach. You can’t really express yourself or say, but I’m persistent. I like the challenge. I have five years of experience. Give me a chance. There, you can’t really be authentic. [00:22:02][73.3]

[00:22:04] Yes, it is true that it is a way to change the prism. I really had in mind, came to these positions and work. [00:22:15][10.8]

[00:22:16] Why don’t you do that? It’s because I’m hard at what I say, but at the same time, when you’re a recruiter, you’re not going to recruit someone because they’re at the end of rights. We’re going to recruit someone because they were crying. He has the skills and that his personality can match that of our team and that the person cannot answer the problem. But if you get up to a right, then we’re not going to get the. So, we call her because she might be helping us. The company is not here to help us, in quotation marks. And neither is the recruiter. The recruiter does his job there and he does them to find the best person for the job. [00:22:57][40.6]

[00:22:58] Yes, and I imagine that as a result, as you communicate both on your skills, which then generates your personal fate. But it’s all about money. With corporate culture, too, that’s it. [00:23:15][16.6]

[00:23:16] And suddenly, the recruiter will contact you and not only because you have certain skills, but also because you have already managed to create a connection with him. And as a result, the Marsile report is reversed. Not reversed, no. But as a result, it is more of a relationship of professional to professional as equals. He contacted me saying I saw this post or such comment and it makes sense in relation to the problem. It’s not good. So, you answered an application. So I studied it in a position of weakness and so I position myself above you, proposing a really sharp exchange. Once again removed its prism of. For me, being a job seeker is not something negative, on the contrary, it is a time when it is easier said than done and I understand that it can be difficult to experience. I’ve experienced it too. There is also the look of society, so it’s not always easy to accept it. But from the moment when I had accepted that this period was a chance to go and train myself, to go for information, to do this work of introspection also to really go in the right direction. In fact, I have experienced full and positive unemployment, but while being active in fact, and that’s what it takes. I think that this time, you have to use it as something positive and not be wait-and-see by saying I’m just going to apply, not have a depressed return and tell me that suddenly. Well, I don’t have any skills, it’s just wasted time. Or not at all, who does how do I do what Vinko does when this period of job search has appropriated itself? [00:25:07][111.6]

[00:25:09] And what can we say that it did not matter. To be able to make it a force, then it was quite a trick to deconstruct. [00:25:18][9.1]

[00:25:20] I had a first period when I got on the line. The problem is that I am a bit hyperactive, but I have a hard time actually staying in the wait. So, if at that moment or a little too quickly, I go, I write recruitment right away, but suddenly, if they don’t want to give me this job, do it myself. So, I had a period of unemployment in quotes rather short. On the other hand, the second time, again, what created this trigger was the void because I had no choice. In fact, there was no job. There was a security crisis that told me that I would not be able to find young people anyway. So I had to accept that time. I’ve had several phases. A first phase of really total depression saying I would never happen. It’s catastrophic. And then a second phase where I said to myself Maybe I can do something and after the third time, I said to myself OK, so now I’m going to try to listen to it for once. So don’t go to go in the right direction because that’s that too, it’s that he has a profile that is trending. I’ve never had it. I’ve changed enough. I’ve worked in a company, but I’ve never had a break between each company. It all happened very quickly. I’ve never, ever given time to breathe, to land, to measure what I do. I make the right decision and so, this was the first opportunity I said to myself that we must land. And after that? Very quickly, in fact, I made the decision to go to bed as an accompanied father. And that’s what helped me move forward and see as well. Have the cheek in a positive way, what! [00:27:12][111.6]

[00:27:16] Just now, you were talking about teased all the people who started their North Caucasus project, joke, etc. And you, Talençais, when you were in this world, break. And how exactly do you? Finally, I don’t know how to ask the question, but did I have the impression that sometimes, precisely, this tendency to do, is a bit of a way to prevent us from thinking and asking ourselves about what is happening? [00:27:46][30.3]

[00:27:49] I think it depends on the profiles. Anyway, indeed. Indeed, it is a way to fill the void of their assets a little, but we do a lot of things and therefore, we can’t. You can’t scourge yourself in a company because something was missing on the side, but at the same time, it’s so rich. If one dissects everything we do through this mission that we have given ourselves all the skills. We develop all the projects that we do alone, all or not. All the things that would ultimately be in the business could be managed by three or four people. So you have to make it a force. All these projects, I always managed to sell them, except once when I was faced with an interlocutor who, as a result, did not understand the new generation too much, I think. And in Khakassia, okay for scass-guns, yes, but in general, it’s seen as a force. You shouldn’t go against that too. If you want to discover a lot of things, it’s super curious. We want to fumble, to touch a lot of projects, lots of BAF skills, according to him, we only have one life, what. And then, after the moment when you really need to land, well you feel it. [00:29:14][84.4]

[00:29:18] Yes, I had the impression of a Montus at the end of my studies. We are always afraid to say if I 6 months too much in my resume too rich. But people often tend to say to each other in this case, I’m going to create a project like that. The hole will be justified. That’s why I’m asking you, that I was wondering if done by Hivert or stop saying that’s it, I feel like I need it or I’m thinking. Especially since I will have to take a break to define a little what suits me, who I am and to do this work of introspection. [00:29:57][39.4]

[00:29:59] I think that moment, a little later, is here at 27, because I was so thirsty. Until then, I had it. I needed to touch everything, to discover as much as possible. I know unconscious, but I know it. I understood today that precisely, at this moment of break, I have all the cards in my hand to say OK, what do I want to do? Because I discovered a lot of things in parallel, lots of universes, different corporate or management cultures. What do I want to do with all this? You see, when you leave school, you are even more in a learning process. It’s still quite intense. Class schedules, everything becomes. We think, we have a life that is still quite intense and all of a sudden, everything stops and. The pressure to tell me you need to be active, what you want to do. And for me, the way, the way to discover a little bit and start to enter the workforce smoothly without putting crazy pressure with a CDI, telling me I would have to leave my whole life in this position. It is indeed groped by yourself. It can be a good way. [00:31:13][74.8]

[00:31:16] Yes, and this channel, precisely, to put Peter down, as you said once you started exploring and whatever you like. [00:31:24][8.6]

[00:31:26] All because for me, the people who are going to shout their project, it is still that there is something that carries them and something that they want to put into practice. It’s not good, but I absolutely have to put something up. What do I do? It’s more like I have an idea. I want to change the world on this or that subject. I want to speak up. How can I do it? And at that moment, we must not curb envy, creativity, drive. On the contrary, go there. It can be a big success, it could be something that allowed us to increase their skill, learn or tell ourselves that it’s not me, it’s not my voice. And then that’s something you can sell behind it. [00:32:02][36.3]

[00:32:05] I don’t have that logic to sell at all. It makes good, because I will always have the latter that she can have. [00:32:13][7.9]

[00:32:15] You still have to keep it in mind because at some point, even if the state of mind is changing a bit, I have work to do. From a recruiters point of view, are you going to sell what we did? It’s true that I think it’s harder. Finally, it is difficult to do a really deep work of introspection when you come out of studies on what you want after, when you have not yet discovered schizophrenics or enough. For me, there is no better way to learn than to go in the field, to go and discover whether in a company or on your own, but to go and discover topics. Is it not because you are going to read in books or because proof has been worth what with your profile? You need to be in marketing in a large multinational company. And then that you will get such a salary and you would move on to this or that position afterwards. It’s not necessarily me, but you can only know that by going to test on the market. And we must also be free of guilt with the fact that it is not because you sign a CDI that you live in chains. We have the right to be wrong, to test. We have the right to realize that it is not because we want to do it, we are too Naldo ICO, but under the law. The rare times we put pressure on this, we really have the right to make mistakes. [00:33:51][95.3]

[00:33:53] Yes, I have the impression that the mistake is not. Finally, in any case, we do not highlight it too much or anything in the recruitment processes or even in everyday life. A lot of trouble telling us. [00:34:06][12.9]

[00:34:08] It’s beautiful, sweet. As a result, the accompaniments, the time of inspection and of. I ask them to tell me about their journey and afterwards, we try to see the positive aspects and how we can help them in quotation marks sales, but finally how the person can really make it their own. I’ve always had a course from pot to fire. I have changed businesses regularly. I have so much. I have always succeeded in my interviews because for me, it is so clear and clear the why of how I changed businesses and why I discovered Galouzeau. I’ve changed. The people in front of me, with confidence, in quotes. If it seems hesitant to say yes, excuse me for bothering you because I’ve only been in this box for six months and I know it’s not on the reserve. There’s a wolf. The person is looking for himself, but if it is very clear in saying I made this choice because for the same reasons, and today, my professional project, that is it. You meet these criteria with your company and as a result, we’re all in the same place. [00:35:14][65.8]

[00:35:17] Yes, it’s a bit of the consistency questions that we often ask ourselves once you get into my professional life. That’s also why my job to choose is to give up a little but a little. This feeling that if you sign, it’s with Consense for 42 years and it’ll be over. [00:35:36][19.6]

[00:35:41] While they’re exhausted today, we’re out of work. There’s more to it than the CDI. There is also free lance, my work for the company and on different professions, on different missions. There are the fixed-term contracts, the interim in certain sectors of activity. I have a CDI if it makes us feel anxiety. [00:36:07][25.9]

[00:36:10] Yes, I have the impression that it is me, these are contracts that are perhaps less highlighted by the finance side, understanding that it is starting to take on a lot, a lot of scale. Yes, yes, on my scale, at the end of my studies, I really thought the CDI is still considered the Grail after the other yari hierarchy. [00:36:37][27.3]

[00:36:38] That’s what you learn at school, it’s what you’ve been learning since you were a kid. It is necessary to work well at school to have a permanent contract and to be able to buy after a property and to be able to build Italy after and to be able to do so. That said, there, you can’t, you can’t succeed in life. Today, I think that’s enough. It is in the process of being deconstructed in certain sectors of activity. I recently recruited in digital marketing. There were still many profiles that I contacted who told me I want to work in France, so there is still not, not in all sectors of activity, but still. Things are changing. I see, it’s the same there, propose a permanent contract. Even the CDI. Now, you’re asking me are you on a free lance for your box? Yes, but the CDI, no, not the moment, it’s okay. Whereas before, it was the Grail. [00:37:42][63.2]

[00:37:45] Do you think that in schools, precisely, a year ago, that this work of deconstructing the values of different or different graduates does not like at all? The different contracts of the different life paths, it still remains a bit in this case. I think I have my answer since I can question, but what do you think? [00:38:11][25.5]

[00:38:12] Yes, there are things to deconstruct pretty crazy in studies, but I think in studies, from very far away, I think. Already, when you think about studies, college and high school, we don’t learn in the open what you want to do, say three possible ways and you get into a box. You do what you want, but for a little less Lacaz and after such a spring from there, you have not discovered anything. I don’t really know what we can do. What are the doors that are going to open? They say the same where you fit in a box. Try to pick one that can open doors. And then I go into the graduate school box. In fact, the pattern is this one and not another one. And the CHU has to match that profile. Otherwise, no success. I think it’s a shame. We are not thus based on everyone’s purpose, we are not based enough on multi-tasking. Multi skills, on multi potentials, you see enough, it’s too smooth the way that teaches us. There’s a lot of work to do. In general, it is older generation teachers who have a harder time if the new generation Y also has different definitions at the end of the life-changing cycle. [00:39:49][97.1]

[00:39:51] You, you go to school, I buy real estate, a family, etc. Or even how success is described today. It’s probably things that have evolved a lot with this sein there. We also have, I think, that we talk a lot about everything that is digital new. So I think to do it like that, it’s a form of success that aims. If I can launch my box, it would be a success. It is much more multiple, but I see it teaching children, children, people who are at the highest level, as you said it was education, but the system as a whole that is already being done years. [00:40:37][46.2]

[00:40:39] I don’t want to put children aside. When you ask the question today to people who might consider success today because they have a certain talent. They’re people in general, either at school, or I’ve been harassed, or I’ve always said I suck because I don’t have the right grades, says I can’t do anything. I’ve seen a lot of testimonies like that and that’s it. The first thing to deconstruct is to think that if someone does not fit in the boxes is not necessarily someone in failure. It’s just someone who thinks differently. But I don’t think it’s okay anymore. It is very easy to say, is very complicated to do, but more adapted to the personality. Saying it was different. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be in check, it just means you’re going to take a path that won’t be the same as the others. So, give all profiles. [00:41:39][59.9]

[00:41:42] Yes, it really helps more inclusive in the way I approach the way I work. Appropriate, OK, it’s interesting and even if you have confidence in yourself, the way you operate when you’re younger, once you’ve arrived on the job market or later you want to do a retraining, you also have that strength at the end. When I was little, I was told that it was OK and ultimately cost. If I note this idea, I don’t know how to revolutionize National Education, but I’ve tried am. Yes, but I think that more and more projects from people who are looking into the fact that parents too. How do we know that there is a generational divide that is beginning? I think it’s also super interesting. [00:42:40][57.9]

[00:42:40] It is, of course, because when you think, it’s still quite binary. If you have to get good grades, if you had good grades were bad, right? By. Things that you will never be used for and that you forget. If there are certain things that are still aberrant, it is. I don’t think of education enough as something that will serve you for the next. It’s very timers about the moment when you have to serve a goal which is to learn by heart, shop a punch, bring them out immediately afterwards, if you forget, it’s okay, it comes back. And so, if someone doesn’t learn that way where we’re struggling with the floor, they’re not going to get good grades and we’re going. The men were better. [00:43:32][51.4]

[00:43:34] The logic of super back ranking. I think it’s also later and in schools that are even higher school. I think if you write it down, you’re not really displaying that difficult aspect. I’m thinking about Michel. When you are in preparation and in school, we prepare as regularly as on the contrary. Okay, well, you can have a lot of things. In truth, if something retains that strength, I will not, no, no. [00:44:13][38.4]

[00:44:14] It’s true that we’re all equal. And in business school, we tend to always say the first day in an amphitheater or is part of the elite. But if it’s never selenite before. And you get out of there and suddenly, you’re sure to take a door, a slap because I arrive with super nice expectations in terms of salary, in terms of job. Then in fact, the recruiters I am part of the elite don’t have everything to learn yet and. It’s hard. That’s why you have to deconstruct a lot of things to avoid getting too many doors afterwards. Learning to take plants is still not the most enjoyable way to learn. [00:45:10][55.3]

[00:45:12] Yes, we often say that suddenly, we are waiting for us at the exit. I don’t grant all the more difficult. You were talking about emptiness and I think for many, it’s a moment of realization that for students, it was a difficult time. It’s still not, but maybe even more, this thing finally, there’s nothing, nothing. There is no one to support your continuous binary pattern today. [00:45:46][34.7]

[00:45:48] It’s sure that all the students so hard to live here for 5. It is in these moments when, in quotation marks, we can count that on yourself, you have to trust yourself and say low by yourself. If a company cannot offer us something because because an economic crisis is rocking, there is no hiring. Maybe if I trust myself because I can do something on my own and then maybe I can try to set up something, even if it’s not a multinational start up. Also has that to deconstruct. It is not because we are working on a project or a startup for which we are going to raise funds to recruit 50 people in a year. [00:46:36][47.3]

[00:46:38] Yes, yes, we have a lot of Phoenix from The Unicorn. Either you do something like everyone else, or you are, you get out of the box, but this explodes everything. If it doesn’t have too many cases, not too many. But exactly, you, how do you hear a Dubigeon comment about deconstructing all these questions of success? It’s still things you go with, negotiate with. We’ve been wearing one for years. [00:47:08][30.1]

[00:47:14] I don’t know, it’s done quite naturally. Maybe because it worships’ things. So, in a speech, you see, I’m really blaming it off and doing it again to regain self-possession. You are, I have a person who wanted to change industries. This person had been idle for three years. She wanted to change jobs in a way. If it died at your age and with your journey that will never happen, it won’t work. From the first debate session, but anything is possible. If we decide that it is possible, it will be possible. We’re going to make it possible and so we’ve really worked on the aspect. Prison taken charge of everything she had achieved. She replied that she had done nothing and that he had no skills. We do a lot of super rich things and at the end of the game. But in fact, I’m going to get there. I have all the cards in my hand, go recruit me for that position and we created a position for him and anything is possible. In fact, there is no choice. We have to stop with these things, the Herbals. Because of course bringing back people who are unfair and well will deal with discrimination, it drives me crazy, but there are still. Without going into a feminist debate, of course when you are a woman in your thirties, for example, there can be children or others, of course, but you still have to say that anything is possible. And besides, there was. Stopping negative things is useless. It doesn’t lead to anything. It’s only us that. Okay, okay, but limit, that’s it, but suddenly, before that, I have all its strength. So I wanted to exploit them or. [00:49:10][116.4]

[00:49:16] Thank you very much for this comparison that counts on the network, I can put in description to your site and your Instagram with pleasure and I am sure also in prevention on Instagram. [00:49:36][19.9]

[00:49:37] So has he pulled a super cute recruitment very soon and thank you again for being very. [00:49:45][8.2]

[00:49:47] With pleasure, in speed, we are already reaching the end of this episode. [00:49:56][8.6]

[00:49:57] Thanks to you for listening to it. I hope that you ansart a little more equipped and a little more inspired to be able to launch yourself in all serenity in the great orientation bath. If you’re interested in these meaningful search topics, you can watch. All the links that I have put in description will allow you to dig into all these questions in a little more detail and discover our work. In the meantime, I’ll tell you very quickly at the edge of the pool. [00:49:57][0.0]

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