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What are going to be your career choices when you get out of school? Do you even want to pursue a career? What drives you?

Too little questions are asked on our path to adulthood. After spending more than a decade in the same institutional environment, millions of graduates are expected each year to suddenly find their way. 

Indeed, sooner or later comes the dreaded question: 

what will you do in life?

The number of graduates rises every year. Among them, many struggle with what can be called “Graduation Blues”. Whether it’s finding THE first contract – whatever it might be –, losing a sense of purpose – the famous so…what now? sort of feeling –, or just going through a rough patch. However, in a world where job hunting is harder than ever and only 1/4 college graduates will work in a field that relates to their degree, nobody dares mentioning this issue.

Paradoxically, “we know that 80 percent of life’s most defining moments take place by age 35“* – which then makes our twenties the most defining decade. So, why not open the dialogue?

In university, our lifestyle oscillates between two phases: 1) the “enjoy it all while it lasts”  and 2)  the work our a••es off to get a top notch job”.

It’s only when we get out that we discover the reality of life. 

On another hand, once we do get the job, Millennials are generalised as such. But as individuals, the generation bears more diversity than ever. 

Through our portrait gallery, we want to show the many faces of a generation in question today. To everybody, remember: you are not alone.

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