ALICE, the one who wanted to settle down

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I just started my new job. I’m giving it a year, not more

Then I’ll see whether or not I want to leave. I’m saving money on the side before taking some time to myself to figure this all out.

My strongest need right now is to settle down and finally plant some roots somewhere. I’m sick of moving around all the time, I traveled too much those past years. I much rather stop for a bit to meditate on the sense of my work than on the sense of my whole life.

I’d say I’m doing a “sexy job”

I’m clearly spending more time to explain WHY what I’m doing is important and HOW I’ll be doing it than anything else in a big firm. On the top of it, people tend to confuse UX and UI. I stopped counting the times when someone comes to ask me “could you redesign this… so it looks beautiful?” *laughs* no, no, no sir, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like this.

"the dream right now? to be able to paint all day" Alice

 Sometimes it gets tiring though. But I love my team, compared to the rest of the firm, we’re the most diverse pod of all. To be honest, the firm I work in isn’t the most progressive. I pass by old-white-male managers all the time.The space is amazing and we all get along.

If you want to draw a cliché parallel, I’m sort of the young, dynamic manager living the good life.

The dream right now? To paint all day long

I think that’s one upside to this job. When I come back at night, I still have a fair amount of time to paint. I reached the point where I paint everyday, it’s crazy! My mind goes everywhere it’s amazing!

Alice, 25

September 2018

note: after graduating from her masters degree, Alice started this new job. As of today, she is still working in this firm

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