ANA, the one who only had a month

"I guess you never feel ready for these things..."

There comes the time. But I don’t want to start working already. It’s not searching for something that stresses me.

I mean, I know what I will do and where I will do it after. But this doesn’t mean I’m ready 

When I come back at the end of December, I’ll be officially graduated from my university. After Christmas I’ll be moving yet to another city. But this time, it will be to start my new “business life”. I’m not ready to start… at all!

But I think not one ever feels ready for this sort of things

My mother reassured me because I wasn’t really looking forward to come back home – essentially because of that. But now, I tell myself I’m not coming back to work, but to celebrate the holidays. Thankfully we still have some time together.

Anna, 21

December 2018

note: currently Ana is finishing her Erasmus in Finland before coming back to her home country

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