ANNA, the scientist

We’re meeting Anna at home, with a cup of tea, a week before her coming back to Spain:

“When I was in my last year of high school and I needed to decide which bachelor I wanted to study, most of friends knew what they wanted to do, but I didn’t, and I was a little bit stressed. 

So I started to look at all the options… all of them

For instance, I knew I didn’t want to study letters or languages, but in science, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. […] And you can’t know what you can do, because in the last years of high school you don’t go deep into subjects. So I just looked up all the subjects and decided to do genetics out of the blue.

I think they make you decide too early


I don’t like programming and this kind of stuff, I did two subjects about and I hate to stay in front of a computer. It just gets me annoyed when something isn’t working. And you can just do one mistake and it throws off the whole thing. I don’t like that. And I don’t like sitting all the time in front of the computer. I like to go to a laboratory and do some research. There are different topics I can do there actually.

Or maybe I can be like a teacher, it’s not something I’m saying no to, but first I’d like to do a normal masters and then see

I’ve always had that in my mind.


I prefer to work in a hospital than in an office. In a laboratory yes, but I don’t know if I see myself doing that for all my life. You have to repeat everything… sometimes you can research all your life for something only to find out it’s wrong. It’s really rare to be like “OMG I found something!”. 


I love precision medicine. You know, prescribing medicine to people according to their genes and all. My thesis was about that. I’d like to do something like a website in english so people would understand and get used to the topic… I chose to do it in english only because it gives me more points actually *laughs*

Anna, 21

December 2018

note: Anna went back to Spain a week after our meeting to complete her last semester before graduation

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