ANNE, the wise

"I think deep down we all know what we want to do" Anne quote

“I always tell myself this:

«Anne, your compass is your happiness. Your happiness is your compass»

I feel like I’m at the exact same point in 3rd year than I was when I entered the school. I didn’t progress at all on my project. When I think of it, I don’t care for 95% of the school’s career perspectives. *laughs* I may soon be the worst student in my class, but it’s just that since I don’t like it, I don’t give it my all. 


I’m always reassured when I see people have unusual career paths, even after graduating from our school.

Sure, we have to fight harder when we don’t know what we want to do. Sure, we do take more time to figure things out and clear our path. But once we get on track, you’ll see that it’s totally worth it.

My theory is that we all know what we want to do. Only, it’s buried deep down. It’s all a matter of reminiscence and acceptance on our part. Eventually, it will resurface in some way.

Take me for instance. I realised I tend to let go every time I’m far from my school. Last year, I had the choice between two internships. It took me a good two weeks to make my mind… but I knew from the start which one I wanted to pick! I gave up a big opportunity in a CAC40 firm to follow my heart. It’s weird, I’m not career-oriented but maybe I hesitated because I thought of my resume.

That’s the moment I rekindled with the personal care sector. I worked in a retirement house and now, I started my research on palliative care. It’s so fascinating.


Now I’m tired of moving around every 4 to 6 month. I’m not saying I wish for my permanent contract, my 4 kids, but I would appreciate to put down my suitcase for a while.

I loved my rhythm back in Paris, I was finally stable for a while you know! It made leaving all the more painful. I remember after my first year of masters, I was so bored I couldn’t wait to go away. All I wanted was to see how people lived on the other side of the world. I needed to be reassured, to know that «people are nice everywhere».”


Anne, thank you for your inspiration

Anne, 23

October 2018

note: Anne is currently starting a semester abroad to merge her two passions:  India and research on palliative care

«I’m so excited, I might cry when I see India again»

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