ANONYMOUS, when life gives you lemons…

"I truly think experience is what matters now" quote anonymous

“I moved to New-Zealand more than 15 years ago. It wasn’t that I really wanted to go. One of my friends who had gone there encouraged me to come telling me I’d love it over there. Indeed, I never came back! It all happened by chance. Like a lot of things actually.

I think I’ll eventually move back here in India. Tourism is high in my region, so I’m considering more and more opening my own hotel.

I pursued an hôtellerie degree in India and again in New-Zealand. That’s where I learned some French *laughs*. I worked for a while in a hotel and then shifted to banking.

I just didn’t feel like I was learning or doing anything new for a while. So I decided to go away


I started low and slowly moved my way up the ladder. Now I’m a business manager. I specialise in startups, that’s why I’m considering the next step as opening my own!

And … do I like what I do today? …. I mean… I don’t know. I think so yes. It’s hard to tell

I’ve always been a people’s person. I think this is what makes my strength. I like talking to people, helping them develop themselves. It’s a bit what I do right now. People tell me about their projects, whether it’s a house to build or a startup to open. I like to think I can help around by lending them some money and reflecting on the future of their creation, whatever it might be. So yes, I think I like my occupation. For now.

 I truly think experience is what matters now

I mean if you have to hire someone nowadays, who will you consider? The guy who has the right degree but who doesn’t know how the field works? Or the guy who doesn’t have the proper degree but who proved himself on the field? All you have to do when you go for a job out of your original field is trust yourself. If you think you’re the right person for the job, then your interviewer don’t have any reason to think otherwise. Tell yourself you’re the best and it’ll be ok.

Of course I know India is big on diplomas. But I trust the country to change its mind. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will. You only have to look at IT to understand. People educate themselves and try. 

What you have to understand is that for each job interview questions you’re asked, you have to answer according to a special model called “STAR” –

Situation, Task, Action, Result

It’s quite simple actually, what I really want to know when I am asking you a question is how you react and what kind of concrete results you can get from your reaction. So for instance if I say “how do you do this?” You have to say “well the situation was like this, so I had this this this task to perform, which I did by doing this, and it ended up like this”. Simple. Remember the STAR model.”

The plane neighbor,

March 2019

note: current

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