"I don't get why passion should come in second" apolline quote

What did I want to be when I was a kid? Gosh, it’s so easy asking people I didn’t think it would backlash that quickly!

I had this crazy desire to be a horse vet. The trick was I didn’t want to be any vet! I only wanted to take care of my favorite horse-race. So I had planned it all out for that to actually happen: how I’d move to Saoudi Arabia, build my business and never come back. My parents were scared AF *laughs*. They kept on telling me that as a girl I should give up on it and concentrate on something more safe for me considering the geographical area I chose.

Unfortunately I had a solution to all the problems they presented me with! Dressing up, masking my voice, etc. nothing could stop me 

 One day I finally gave up to pursue other careers plans. But now that I think of it, they were all independent professions. Maybe that’s really what I should go for.


If school has helped me in my orientation plans? No

I don’t think any of the stuff I did was because of the business school I enrolled in. Maybe in terms of people I met. But other than that…

The only course we had regarding orientation was supposed to turn our ambition into achievement. It guided us through all the necessary steps to apply to our dream internship / job. The only issue was: only few of us had a clear idea of their ideal firm. No need to say: we didn’t have any guidance to find our professional way.

In the end we were still lost, but with an action plan 


I don’t get why passion should come in second. A lot of the people I meet highlight how risky it is to go for what you love. But how could you work for something that bores you out? 

I like to think I’m the kind of person who would go for passion… but I haven’t found one yet  

Actually one of my biggest fears is boredom. I really relate to the articles we see flourishing in the news about   bore-outs. The dream would be to always be able to work on new projects… to move all the time!

I feel like we’re reaching an age where our choices start shaping our future. Whether it’s professional or personal by the way. It’s a bit overwhelming when you think about it. How do you expect me to know as of today what would make me happy? Is work even supposed to make me so? It’s a bit blurry…

This other fear I have is comfort and acceptance.

I don’t know why but I dread that if I follow the usual career of a business graduate I’ll end up working in a consulting firm “for some time” and never get out

It’s so easy to get used to a certain routine! Why would I be willing to be going away if it offers me some comfort? Maybe it’s just a question of character strength. 

For now I just want to see what I can experiment with in my professional life

I’m curious to see how far I could push Our Millennials Today. Hopefully I’ll find some guidance and inspiration with it. But first things first I have to graduate. It’s been 4 years in school and I’m still 90 credits shorts!

Apolline, 25

March 2019

note: Apolline is currently in her last year of master’s degree. She launched Our Millennials Today in 2018 out of curiosity for her generation and orientation 

bore-out: first theorised in 2007 by two Swiss consultant, bore-out is considered as the new “burn out”. sources: Vice, Wikipedia,


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