"Now I have to find a job. I told myself I would find my way this month" quote

I discovered the makerspace through a friend. He told me to come and check it out… and here I am for their residency!

Actually, I want to open my own makerspace once I finish this program. We potentially have an office space that could be lent to us but nothing sure yet. 

I came to understand better how such spaces work and how I could design mine.


What? You only have 6 months to figure out what to do with your life? You have to hurry! I mean I’m saying this but I graduated a year ago. Since then I’ve been doing research in a lab. It’s medicine related… I know, I’ve always combined my love for making things and medicine. Once this program is over I have to find a job. I told myself it could be the time I figure out my way. Have I? I mean I don’t know, I still have a week to answer right? *laughs*


March 2019

note: currently Aswin is finishing his residency at Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai

All the testimonies from this series have been taken at Maker’s Asylum during their D.I.V.E 2019 program, a month-long residency mixing French students and professionals from India to work on UN’s SDG using a design thinking inspired approach

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