CAMILLE, the optimist

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I’m meeting Camille over coffee. We mutually exchanged about our internship experiences:

“I’m so lucky to have found this internship. The team is so great and dynamic! We’re all rather young, so it’s really motivating, but most importantly, we get along well! A lot of us are here on internships for 2 to 6 months, but even with this turnover we bounded quickly. As for the rest, everybody is approachable and will lend you a hand if you ask for it. I met the association’s founder last week. He insists to come to our private events to meet everyone and stay close to us. This kind of attitude really makes you feel at home!

Little anecdote: I instantly felt like I was going to feel at ease when I discovered one of their traditions. Let me tell you about it! When you’re still on your onboarding phase and get into a team, one of your first tasks is to take the Pottermore test. Each business unit represents a house, but it’s really just a pretext to laugh around! 


Work-wise, we’re focusing on different events and missions so you literally have no time to rest or get bored. I recently took the lead on a project for startups. It’s good to feel trusted with some responsibilities! I’m learning so much in so little time it’s a bit overwhelming.


Since you’re asking me, yes, I have to admit: I’m not paid enough for the job I deliver. But I’m passionate about it, so I don’t really care. It’s hard to live in Paris with the minimum internship wage, but I can manage for now. It’s my last experience before graduation, I wanted it to be aligned with what I believe in! I can feel that evolving in an environment with driven people like this really makes a difference!

I don’t want to think about what’s going to come for me after that. I wish they’d find a way to keep me here. With their current budget I really doubt it but I’m crossing my fingers. Who knows?”

Camille, 23

August 2017

note: At the time, Camille was in her last year before graduating from her masters degree in a business school

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