DIANE, the learning self-promoter

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Currently launching her activity as a freelance, Diane tells me about her everyday life:

It’s all about self-discipline

Since we work from home, we have to set our own goals. I keep on time pretty well regarding the challenges we follow, but I have to admit: I’m failing at some other things.

My biggest weakness is self promotion. I know I should do it, but I don’t have the skills so I continuously procrastinate. My Facebook is inactive, my Instagram is inactive, and I still don’t have a website. I have this endlessly growing waitlist of posts that I have to publish, but I can’t set my mind to it. I have to write an introduction for each of them. Sounds easy, but it takes time I don’t have.

Am I supposed to stop producing to promote?

….yeah, maybe *laughs*”

Diane, 25

October 2018


note: At the time Diane just graduated from her school and started freelancing

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