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"I wish! But this is real life" quote

My family doesn’t really care about what I do. They trust me to find my way. I think that as long as I’m happy about it,  they’re fine. They know I’ll eventually open my own dog shelter someday.

I just love dogs. People usually say cats are amazing but it’s just because they’re ignorant. Cats are the dumbest animals walking on earth. But dogs… dogs are freaking intelligent! I’ve taken care of  my last dog’s entire education. It was so much harder than I thought! I had to read tons about the subject, I tried a lot of methods ; I even considered going to camp with him. There are so many nuances you have to take into account and probable had never thought about before. For instance, you’d assume it’s just about him knowing his name. But it goes much deeper than that. See, there is a difference between calling your dog and calling your dog over. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! It takes lots of patience to achieve a good result. A bit like for kids actually.

And on the other hand, I’ve always been really interested  in foundations. Usually their work is amazing and their impact on society is really valuable. It only seems fair that I invest myself in this field and combine it with my love of animals!

I’m working for our family fondation right now. It’s not a dog shelter. I wish! At least, it’s not yet. This is real life… I have to go for a more classic career path for now. I’ll start thinking about dogs some years down the road. But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely keeping it in the back of my mind!

It’s just that I feel if I want to be efficient in the associative world, I first have to learn the tools in corporative contexts.

note: our millennial is now finishing up at a business school

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