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“When you’re lost, it’s really easy to fall into the «I’m all alone loop», but it’s never the case! Especially when talking about studies and orientation. If we’re not aware of another’s situation… or if it’s too far from our own reality we can’t project ourselves. And it’s totally normal!

Take me for instance. After being rejected a few times I had to take a little time off. I thought a lot about what I wanted to try, what I dreamed of, what I was good at. And in the list was freelancing. I think I never thought of it as a real option before. I’m just starting so I can’t dive into it as much as I’d like to but it’s fascinating!

It all happened by chance really. I participated to a competition in the field I was interested in… and I won! It allowed me to meet my first two clients. Now they’re recommending me to their network so… I guess this is it: I’m on my own!

I’m giving myself until December to see whether or not I’m carrying on this activity. I had to cut out on some things to get there but it’s manageable. For now I crash at my friends’ or spend some time at my mother’s to avoid paying a rent.”

The only advice I can give you is go for it, you can only learn about you and your field in the process ! And if you’re still undecided, try on the side. Test the waters, see what works, what doesn’t. Explore whether it fits you and if there is a market waiting


August 2018

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