ELODIE, the one who took the leap

"I burned out at 25. My body totally failed me" quote elodie

“I burned-out at 25. My body totally failed me. I didn’t like my job at the time – I was an artistic agent at the time –, and I just lost it. I was hurting everywhere… and medically, nothing was showing on the exams nor on diagnostics.


We had a collective back when I was in university. We all came from different backgrounds like music, dance, photos or cinema. We did it all, from communication to performance, it was great! We were a bit famous at our own scale. The town’s show-business scene knew us; it was already a lot to us.

But I didn’t feel legit to dance – professionally I mean. Listening to my story, my psychologist told me

«but did you see what you did? You’re only 25, it’s like you already have a whole dancing career behind you!»

That’s when I decided to come back into the dancing game ; right there. I used to be someone’s agent, why couldn’t I be mine after all?


So I started alone. I handcrafted the costumes myself at home, with my mother. As time went by, people came to me to collaborate.

It doesn’t look like it but it’s really hard to find people who share the same profile / values as yourself

I think it’s because of that I felt really at ease spending a week at the HIVE. I was surrounded by like-minded people for a whole week and I was really impressed by this. Everyone was so benevolent and attentive!… actually it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Today I experiment on a lot of things. I’m prototyping new costumes, new interactions with the public. It’s like building new experiences. Right now I’m focusing on an edible performance. It’s new but I like it. I’m collaborating with a DJ I’ve already worked with in the past. […] Yes, he’s from the collective. Actually, the collective is still in touch but it’s not the same now. We’ve all grown in our own disciplines – and lives. We hold a music label and we’re always ready to lend a hand to one another. Since we know how we all function it’s always a good fit.


I think it’s important when studying to experiment in the field we’ll be working into. Even if it’s just to find out if you really like it – or not

I feel like I was really lucky in the end. 

Who can brag around saying they created an association, organised big ass events, etc. at 25?? No, really, we were lucky then.”

Elodie, 29

September 2018

note: Elodie is currently working on her shows exploring new ways to interact with her audience

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