GABRIELLE, the undecided

Gabrielle fear of missing out - FOMO - graduation - life path - career - finance - studying - choosing is renouncing - millennials by apolline rigaut

Sometimes I get really anxious thinking about what comes «after»

“I have this irritating image of the typical – successful – finance student stuck in my head. I picture him doing nothing but party all year long. And then, on the Career Forum days at school, he’d suddenly wake up. He’d just put on a suit, his best smile, tour the different firm booths, make some connections, and find an internship. Just. Like. That. Gets me mad.

I have the exact same image when I try to picture him trying to find a job afterwards. And on the side, I see myself and others.

For now, I really have no clue of what to do with my life.

The thing is: I sort of have this fear of missing out. I don’t want to specialise in a field to avoid looking back someday and tell myself «you should have done otherwise». I also know some firms won’t take me if my previous experiences already put me on a certain path. I try to expand the scope of my internships and courses. But I’m also afraid I’m already running behind in some areas. I see some of my friends in finance with a shiny future ahead. This got me wondering on my own orientation choices. I ran to the bookstore last week and bought some finance manuals just in case. I hope it’s not too late to start in the field.

I have to confess though: I do this every once in a while with a subject I feel like I left behind. It reassures me. But, I don’t really follow through with my decision afterwards.”

Gabrielle, 23

August 2018

note: Gabrielle is currently in her second to last year of college

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