It’s OVER – diploma(tic) issue

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“When my cousin finished his doctoral thesis in biology, he expected to find a job right away. Spoiler alert: he didn’t. 

When he saw it wasn’t working for him in France he left the country to try his luck somewhere else. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. He’s either under-experienced – which is a shame because you can’t gain experience if you don’t do -, or over-qualified for the position.

 I remember sometimes we all thought it was going to work out for him in the end *sigh* If we only knew! You see, some firms would accept to take him in for some time…but in an unpaid position – of course. And then, when came the time, they’d tell him he was too expensive for them to consider hiring him.

It’s such a vicious circle. 

It’s been two years now. He went to Hong-Kong, to India, and now… he’s coming back to France to process.

It’s weird, he’s been told his whole life he was going for the «right» studies. Nobody expected him to struggle that much

I just started job-hunting, I hope I won’t be in the same situation 2 years from now”

Diane, 25

October 2018

note: as of today, Diane’s cousin is still looking for his first job

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