JULIE, the anti conformist?

JULIE no stability

“I’m so tired of hearing people talking about «Millennials». No, we’re not all the same, no we’re not all looking to be «nomads», and no we’re not all «afraid to commit». Right now I’m just looking to buy a flat and start a life with my boyfriend. But for that to actually happen, I need a steady job… And all I get are excuses from a firm hiding behind this convenient «Millennial» shield. 

I still signed my fixed-contract – I really needed it anyways –, but I’m really tired of this systematic generalisation.

I decided to sign here because I’m not sure I’ll find another job.

One of my friends is starting her 3rd month job searching. I see her going back and forth to the national employment agency… trying to get formations, interviews, etc. nothing works. The best track she got so far is a firm who’s clearly exploiting her for free. She already went to 2 interviews, a day-long workshop, and right now she’s working on a business case for them. She’s already exhausted and she’s not even in yet. The worst part is: she’s not even sure to get the job!

When I see how hard my class is struggling to find a job today… it got me worrying about my future. We’re too expensive for firms as freelances, but at the same time, nobody’s giving us a contract. I have better chances if I try to expand my scope for now. I’ll come back to design later.

 Well, I definitely think I’m better off signing this contract. I’ll figure it out later.

Julie, 26

April 2018

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