MARGAUX, the adventurer

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I’m meeting Margaux right before her last exam before graduation over coffee. It was thus naturally we discussed about «after»:

“If I don’t find something before January, I’ll broaden my searches. I’ll look for a job overseas. Why? Well, I told myself «If you have to move, you might just go all the way» 


The initial plan was for us* to launch our startup. I was really into it at the beginning, but now I feel like I’m the only one involved. We’re not really a team. I’m supposed to only deal with artistic creation, but the fact is: from business plan to compatibility, I’m doing it all.

It’s weird, I discovered I could do stuff I never thought possible! You could say I’m a bit of a manager now *laughs* But I can’t keep going if I don’t trust them with the project. So I’ll have to withdraw.


Thankfully I’m not in a rush to find a job right now. I’m finishing some contracts. My former internship is stil giving me work. They’re not looking to take someone full time though.

Freelancing is their thing. It costs less and it’s more efficient. Of course! Not only is the client paying all charges, with this system, the agency doesn’t have to deal with the constraints integrating a new employee brings. It’s a total win for them. 

Anyways, even if they wanted to hire someone, I don’t think they could right now given their current financial situation.


Do I want to go freelance full-time? No, not at all. At least not for now. I don’t feel ready yet. I don’t think my skills and network are strong enough at the moment. First, I want to find a permanent contract in an agency. I need to be surrounded by people to grow and ideate. It gets really lonely otherwise and I don’t like that. ”

Margaux, 27

September 2018

note: Margaux just graduated from her masters 

*us: as their masters’ final assignment, students have to team up and create a startup concept from ideation to prototyping / business plan. Some decide to go on even after graduation

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