MARGOT, the undecided

Welcome to this new format ! We talk orientation, doubts and life with Margot. She is the first one to have accepted to be recorded and participate to this first prototype ! Sorry in advance for the many imperfections. See you soon for a new episode!

“It’s fun, I feel like my orientation path has been quite different from others’. I mean I’ve always known quite soon what I wanted to do with my life. At first I wanted to be archéologue, and then I wanted to be a journalist – ever since I was 14-15. I started to change my mind when I was in Science Po Lyon. I realised it wasn’t a job made for me. I started to panic, and then I found out I really liked leading projects in NGOs… and now I’m working at the parliament so you see it’s not really linked *laughs*


I’ve always liked NGOs and humanitarian work. I remember as a kid my neighbors and I had been raising funds for UNICEF. We created jewellery and we would sell it into the street. We only gathered like 100€, but at the time it seemed amazing! I still remember it, we were 8-9 at most”

Margot, 25

November 2018

note: currently Margot is still working at the parliament

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