MARIA, aka “superwoman”

"You're not going to change the world with this discourse" quote

I’m getting a coffee with Maria, a Spanish Erasmus student in exchange for a year:

“The other day I went to the lake, and this Indian guy tagged along. We started to talk about how I wanted to change the world and I remember he told me: 

“It’s not with this discourse that you’re going to change the world”

And he was right. I mean, for now I just have some theory up my sleeve but I don’t know how to do anything really. 

This is one of the reasons why I came to Finland: try things

I like what we’re doing here: we read articles, write essays. In Spain I study like crazy and forget everything 5 minutes after my exam. Here I feel like I’m really learning and remembering stuff!

Maybe I can start a collective or something to start and take action. We’ll see”

Maria, 23,

December 2018

note: Maria left to spend the holidays in Spain not long after this talk. She will come back in January for her last semester in Finland

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