Of music and finance

"Soon it will be about music and music only" quote

I’m graduating next year from my business school. I’ve decided to major in finance for various reasons, and one of them is that I actually find it interesting. We have so many different vague subjects at school, at least with finance you feel like you’re actually learning something. Logically, all my internships were in this field, and I finally started my thesis this summer on asset valorisation. But I’ve always kept music / entrepreneurship on the back of my mind.

I’ve been a drum player for years. I joined a group when I was still a freshman in my Master degree here. Its core structure has undergone some changes the last few years but we’re going steady as a duo. 

Soon it will be about music and music only. Be sure of that.

Actually, it’s hard to chose a career path, especially with those two options: music or finance. Though I don’t feel like I’m renouncing to one, music’s calling is just stronger.

My partner and I have been trying to work in the same geographic area for quite some time. There was even a period when we Skyped on the regular to compose our music. But now, I’ve found an internship in the same city where he works so it’s perfect! I wanted to finish my studies with a professional experience abroad but this will give us even more time to work.

The next step? Seems logic, I’ll find a part time job to sustain myself and the project… and we’ll be on our own. 


My sister loves singing. Basically, my parents told her the same thing they’ve told me: first find and secure your backup plan – because, you never know –, then go for it.

July 2019

note: our millennial has just started his internship in banking

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