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– 1:00 WHY Dassault 

– 10:00 “Mon rêve c’est de devenir commerciale en cabine”

– 14:00 Les petites françaises 

– 15:00 Ornella’s blog 

– 19:00 Childhood dream

“Yes, everyone bought this NASA shirt. But I’m sure they bought it for fashion. I’m the only one who purchased it because I’m really found of all this *laughs*


I wasn’t always a pastry-girl. I’ve been a gourmet for quite all my life, but didn’t really bake.

My first cake dates back to when I was 19 I think. 4 years ago then! I remember my sister wanted a cake for her birthday and I decided I’d bake it. I managed to make a three layers pièce montée. It wasn’t perfect for sure, but for a beginner, I had some game. Plus, the cake tasted good.

It’s only after that time that I really started baking.

I always had an artistic touch. When I was younger, I danced a lot. And when I stopped… I took up cooking.

"I like aeronautic for its perfect mix between passion and tech" quote Ornella

Why did I chose to go to Dassault last year? Well, it all started back in August when I still wanted to work in the cultural field. I had scouted out an internship offer I really wanted to apply to. At the mean time I used to watch loads of documentaries on planes, airports and all. My roommate at the time gently pointed out to me that «no one ever watched this kind of things», and that there might be more than met the eye. I never put much thought into it before her remark.

I think I unconsciously limited myself to liking this field without even considering a career – it’s only for men, engineers, etc. But my roommate really gave me the push I needed

Going back to school in September, I ditched the internship searching for culture and shifted to aeronautic only. I myself I might be on the right track since I applied to 4 offers and got called back for 3 of them. So I got the luxury of turning down prestigious companies *laughs*

What I like about aeronautic is the mix between passion and technology. 

Every single person working into this field is passionate


I’ve always wanted to start my project. I’m convinced I’ll open a business in pastry only

But first, I have to take advantage of the trampoline I’m on right now and work in a big firm. People are fleeing big firms BUT I want to be hired in a big firm.

I want to live my employee’s dream

Have a good salary, all of my expenses covered, greet my colleagues everyday, etc. And THEN I’ll build my business. I’m part of those women who wishes for a family and who’s willing to put it before my career. But I’d like to be a mother AND an entrepreneur. But we don’t always get what we wish for so I’ll see for myself.


When I was a kid I wanted to be a classical dancer. But we quickly realised I was going to be too small for it. Then I went for pedopshychiatrist but gave up quickly when I saw the path I had to take. I never had a vocation or something like this… wait I did want to have kids! *laughs* it happens, some people do want to become mothers.”

Ornella, 24

December 2018

note: after her semester in Finland, Ornella is wrapping up her last university obligations before graduation.

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