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our millennials today - Julia Malek - « Découvrir ses rêves pour rayonner sur le monde » interview par Apolline Rigaut

Comment faire lorsqu’on semble tout avoir, mais qu’au fond, rien ne va vraiment comme on se l’était imaginé plus jeune ?

Our Millennials Today COVER ARTICLE - title written on a green background - « The paradox of choice, why more is less » by Barry Schwartz summed up by apolline rigaut

What if the key to happiness wasn’t « how might I make the best choice? » but « how might I make the choice that makes me feel the best?» ?

Our Millennials Today COVER ARTICLE « cognitive biaises, how to identify, understand and dodge them? » by apolline rigaut

What are cognitive biaises? How do they influence our decision-making process in life and orientation? Let’s dive in and find out

Quote "then we hit rock bottom. there were no more job offers"

hiring is frozen. I don’t know for other positions, but at least for juniors entries. But unless you’re actively looking for a job, it’s not visible yet

85% of 2030 jobs don't exist yet - statistic

« Identity. In our childhoods, people ask us about our career plans by asking us what we want to bewhen we grow up. When we grow up, we tell people about our careers by telling them what we are. We don’t say, “I practice law”—we say, “I am a lawyer.” Wait but Why

I can really see myself changing jobs every 5 to 10 years - quote

To be honest, I tend to follow the flow of my interests, so I’m not sure of anything. I recently realized that I don’t want to compromise

title "Know thyself" quoted

In this period of uncertainty (regarding both our career and personal lives), I thought I’d share with you some of the tools I use when in need of introspection

I’ll update it as I go

"I wanted to become intelligent" quote

🇫🇷 J’ai fait des études de maths pour apprendre à structurer ma pensée, savoir mieux analyser les choses, être plus efficace… devenir intelligent quoi ! Je suis passé rapidement d’une moyenne de 20 à 0. C'était d'autant plus dur que j'avais plutôt un profil tourné éco. Mais ça fait du bien de se prendre des claques comme ça des fois. C'est aussi dans cet environnement que j'ai redécouvert ma passion pour tout ce qui était créatif.Aujourd’hui je sais très bien où je vais, et le plus ...