THOMAS, the one who hit pause

the essential is to love what you do

I almost threw it all away, professionally AND personally

When I was young *laugh*, I mean, youngER, I launched a project with some of my friends. It went really well. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t love it at first. The thing is, we scaled up fast, so fast that it got out of hands. We changed locations, found a bigger office space, hosted more people… I worked day and night to keep up. I didn’t see my friends, family, or girlfriend anymore, it was all about the project. In the end, stress and exhaustion became my normal state. 

What was to happen indeed happened: I burned out

 I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m doing better now, but it took me some time to get back on my feet. Now that I look back at it, I’d say it was a great life lesson.

I discovered I shouldn’t have to force myself to work; that the most important thing is to love what you do. It wasn’t the case anymore for me. So, I decided to quit for my own sake.

If I had to give you one advice it’d be to always put yourself before your work


March 2018

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