VERONIQUE, the reborn elder

elder millennial career orientation back in the days - by apolline rigaut

I’m meeting Véronique at a hike. During our conversation, came up the question I like to ask most people these days:


“I don’t know. I never really took the time to think about it you know. I used to travel a lot as a teenager, so I remember wanting my career wish was to travel as much as possible. I had some great opportunities back in the days… for instance I went to La Réunion for a year. But I never really liked my job. I the end, It didn’t feel like I really had a choice.

I mean, I chose to major in music composition in college. What the f•ck was I do with my masters? Sure I could have pursued my passion and go for music composition. But with what finances? Teaching was the only option. 

Today, I can’t even picture myself going back to school in weeks. Just the thought of it makes me sick. Thank god I still have some activities on the side to keep me happy.

I’ll live again when I retire


59, millennial at heart

August 2018

note: Véronique currently teaches music to middle school students

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