When failure is a success

"Me? I learned my way through failure" Quote S.

I had this dream as a kid that I’d be a doctor someday. Obviously, it didn’t work out really well for me in this field *laughs*. But I did start in medicine after graduating from high school. I quit after a month. 

Then, I went into engineering for a year. Within 2 months of studying there, I knew I didn’t like it. I didn’t belong. The thing was at the time: that I didn’t know what to do about it. We had this subject at university: sketching. It was my favorite, I really liked doodling. Actually, that’s because we had this subject that I’ve discovered design and architecture. So I decided to go for it.

At first, my family wasn’t supportive at all. For them, there were only two paths: engineering and med school. I had already tried both, felt good about none. I shifted to architecture anyways. I struggled for 2 years straight. It was hard, I couldn’t find my place. And then, the 3rd year, it got better. I loved it. I think it was one of the best years of my life.

Now, whenever I feel low, I think about this year. It makes me happy. That’s when I finally knew I made a good decision. In a way, I found myself through failure.

So whenever someone doesn’t know where to go in life, I ask them: what is it that makes you feel good? What makes you happy? Usually, it’s enough for them to find their path

april 2019

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