YONNA, the free spirit

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I think what stresses us all in the end, is our resume

“We don’t want to screw it up. We know it’s our passport to enter the job market / a firm later. So we work hard to have the best ever.


Take me. For my next internship, I intend to work for a startup. I need to choose the structure I’ll involve myself in and, most importantly, the project. 

I want to be able to focus on something I like and give it all

But at the same time, I know part of me considers such an internship because I don’t have any experience in the field. And I don’t want my resume to suffer from this later on.


 I really wish I could keep the freedom I gained in my studies in my professional life. I was able to make such eclectic choices, it was liberating. For instance, my thesis’ subject has nothing to do with my cursus, or with what i want to do later in life. 

But it’s diversity I’m going after.


We then discussed education, teachers, and the general atmosphere in preparatory class*: 

“I’m still not that confident. I don’t know how to accurately assess my performances. Even if I did a tremendous job I couldn’t tell you. I don’t think prepa really helped in this area. I wish it did though I remember then, the teachers didn’t support me. At all. Some were really harsh with me. For no reason. I recall one teacher in particular who once threw an essay back to me … as if it were trash.

But thank god for my english teacher. She was always there for me. I think she’s one of the main reasons I made it through prepa alive. 

In the end it’s quite ironic: I’m one of the only to have gotten into such a prestigious school of the whole promotion”

Yonna, 23

September 2018

note: Yonna is currently in her previous to last year of her double degree in management and international relation

*preparatory class:  The equivalent to a Bachelor’s first two (or full three) years. Students are prepared for competitive exams to enter some of the best post-secondary schools in France (engineering, business, literature, etc.). The workload is considered as one of the highest in Europe

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